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❖ Enter the registered email address and the password to login into the application.
❖ Forgot Password: I Will send a link to a particular email address to reset the password.


❖ Booking: A Calendar view with all the booking details. Add the new order/booking from here.
❖ Pending Orders: View/Edit the existing pending orders.
❖ Completed Orders: A complete report of order.
❖ Outstanding Account: Complete report of outstanding account detail whose payments are pending.


❖ Change Password:
Will ask for a new password and confirm the password.
❖ Report Issue:
Will be used to report the error to the developers when any issue/problem/crash is faced in the application.
❖ Logout

CONFIGURATION (Machine & Model)

❖ Add a new machine/model/item with its description and price.
❖ Given an option If the machine is under maintenance/service to remove its availability during the booking.
❖ Can also edit/delete the added machines.

CONFIGURATION (Attachments/Extra-Parts)

❖ Add a new attachment with its daily, weekly, and monthly price.
❖ Can also edit/delete the added attachments/extras.


Calendar view that shows the date-wise booking of the items.
❖ The timeline view below the calendar shows the list of items grouped based on their status (booked/Over Due/Out on Hire etc.) sorted by the item based on out time or the return time depending on the delivery date.
❖ On click of an item, the user will be redirected to the agreement form to continue with the pending procedure of hiring. (Detail description is given below in Agreement Form Section).
❖ The “i” icon at left-hand side of the calendar view opens the popup with an indication of different colored dots in the calendar.
❖ “+” icon on the top right corner will redirect users to the “Add Booking” page.


Swipe the item for more options like:
1. Send SMS: Will redirect users to the send SMS page
SMS 1 :
We have received your booking request with WA Digger Hire.
SMS 2 :
Second Reminder!
Last chance to secure your booking.
SMS 3 :
Your booking has not been confirmed and has expired.
To rebook please call 0400 31 5757
1. Edit Booking: To edit the booking duration, model, comment, and other details.
2. Delete Booking: To delete the bookings that are not confirmed or due to no response from the hirer.


4. Confirm Booking: Able to confirm the booking on behalf of the customer. Also able to see the all the messages which are sent to the customer

Cancel Booking

Cancel Booking: Cancel the bookings that are not confirmed or due to no response from the hirer. Need to select the option why we are canceling this booking

SMS/Call Screen

❖ Send a custom message to the customer
❖ Display all the SMS send log for references
❖ Able to call the customer directly from the app on click of the call button in the top right section

Available Machine

❖ Display available machine detail for the selected date and time
❖ If any machine is already booked for that time period and it is not confirmed yet then display unconfirmed near to machine and display date of booking of that machine

Alert Unconfirmed Booking

❖ If a user still books the machine for the date on which might another booking conflict then it shows an alert to the user.

Return Machine Details

❖ All the info required on machine return like return date and time, late return fee, cleaning req or not, misc cost, etc are filled in this section.
Note: This Step will be visible only after the item is hired.
CTA: Return Machine
❖ Is only done when all the mandatory fields are filled.

Menu Options

1. Send Email: Send the agreement form pdf file to the hirer and other recipients directly.
2. Download & Print: Download the pdf directly in-app & print.
3. Cancel Booking: Directly cancel the booking from the agreement section.
4. Credit Card List: Add a new credit card directly from here and also be able to see the added credit card list
5. Send Invoice: Send the invoice pdf file to the hirer and other recipients directly.
6. Checkout: If a machine is hired then the user can directly go to the checkout page.
7. Transaction Detail: Able to see all the transactions which are completed like stripe, Cash, and EFTPOS
8. Part Invoice Details: Able to see all the partial invoice detail.


❖ Machine Details: Display the machine information like Outdate, due date, or return date depending upon the machine and no booking days. Users can update the no of days if required.
❖ Cost Details: Display the cost bifurcation for this hire agreement
❖ Invoice Type: We can raise either a full invoice or a partial invoice.
❖ Card Details: Able to add new card details and check the already added card details. This card detail will be saved in stripe and later on, it will be used to charge the hire amount.
❖ i button: on clicking it, it will redirect to the cost bifurcation screen which shows how the total amount is calculated.
❖ In the top-right section, there is an option to save the agreement form details.

Payment Section

❖ Amount: Display the amount which we have to charge from the user.
❖ Select Payment Method: There are different payment options available
➢ Credit Card
➢ Account
➢ Cash
❖ Card Details: If there is any card bind to this user then it will automatically fetch from stripe and display over here. Users can add new cards as well. If the payment selected option is a credit card then the user can select a card from the list and proceed with the payment

Transaction Detail

❖ List out all the transactions detail on which payment is received via Credit card, Cash, EFTPOS
❖ It will be displayed as the latest record first

Part Payment Transaction

❖ Display all the raised partial invoice detail
❖ It displays the duration of the partial invoice, the amount of the invoice, and what is the last date of the amount received as well as the Invoice number.
❖ We can use the filter to identify which invoice is not paid yet


❖ All the machines that are pending for confirmation, booked, or out on hire will be listed here.
❖ Each Order/Item will be associated with on of the following legends:
PENDING: When the booking is added but not yet confirmed.
BOOKED: When the booking is confirmed by the end user or by the admin itself.
OUT ON HIRE: When the item is dispatched/hired and is already out.
DUE BACK TODAY: When the hired item has a due date of that particular day.
OVERDUE: When the due datetime to return an item is exceeded.


❖ All the machines that are returned will be listed here.
❖ Each Order/Item will be associated with legend:
RETURNED: When the item is returned back.
❖ On click of the item, completed report is generated with all the filled information
❖ This is a non-editable process.


The top right icon of the filter in the pending and completed order allows the basic filtration of orders on basis of following properties:
1. Company Name: Filters particular company’s order.
2. Customer Name: Filters particular customer’s order.
3. Date Range: Duration of machine dispatched/returned on basis of filtration done on which type of order.
4. Order Status: Filters the order on the basis of different legends.


❖ For the individual customer able to provide rating.
❖ User can provide rating between 0-5 star
❖ Add the comment if require
❖ Added rating will be displayed to the tenant at the time of adding new booking.

Customer Rating

❖ At the time of booking, when we are searching for the existing customer at the time it will show the rating of that user near to his name
❖ With the help of this, tenant may be able to decide whether to provide his machine to this customer or not.

Detail Rating

❖ With the help of this we can check the detail rating of the customer with its message if any.


❖ The top right icon of the bell in the dashboard screen redirects users to the notification page.
❖ These are the notifications of the confirmed bookings.
❖ On click of these notifications, users will be redirected to the Calendar page at the specific booking date.

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